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Humulo provides IT Consulting Services, engineering the installation of cloud hardware into data centers across the world (Dell Storage Devices and Networking Equipment) Our personnel have navigated the Risk Management Framework Accreditations (Authorizations) of said equipment following installation on over 9 networks of varying classification levels ranging from un-classified to top secret, including integrated systems and accreditations across multiple environments.


• Customer/client name: USAF Travis AFB
• Project name/contract number Tunay Training:
Forklift Fundamentals/ FA442720P0079

VR Training: Forklift Fundamentals (Prime CTR)

Humulo’s Tunay Training: Forklift Fundamentals, is an OSHA compliant VR training including implementation and interface with a learning management system (LMS) in the AWS cloud.

This SaaS capability enables efficient agile, DevSecOps development of the VR and LMS training functionality as well as a portable and resource efficient, lightweight operational implementation of the training methods. Training is portable and can be performed anywhere in the world or while deployed onboard ship, submarine or aircraft.

The SaaS implementation enables both a low cost and agile, quick delivery development environment and light weight, portable operations for the VR and LMS training platform.

VR Training: Personal Protective Equipment (Prime CTR)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is often in short supply, especially for developing nations.

Humulo in partnership with NIH: NI-AID funding, developed low cost, easy to use, VR training for use in Uganda to allow them to train their medical professionals without the need for anything but a single VR (stand alone) headset. No internet access needed and most importantly, no real PPE needed.

Multiple users can use the same headset safely, as many times as they like until they feel confident in the donning and doffing procedures.


• Customer/client name: National Institute of
Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)


• Customer/client name: National Park Service
• Project name/contract number: INTERACTIVE WEB

BELA Web Based 3D Training (Prime CTR)

Humulo developed a 508 complaint, cloud-based educational 3D exploration application for the Department of Interior (DOI); Bearing Land Bridge National Park in Alaska.

Through the use of AWS cloud SaaS, Humulo delivered the website through an agile, DevSecOps implementation using the SaaS capability. The flexibility, transparency, and agile process for the SaaS development environment in the AWS cloud, substantially reduced the cost for the DoI client and delivered the capability ahead of schedule and within a fixed price budget.

Intelligence Agency Digital Consulting (Cloud, RMF, Cyber Security) (Sub CTR)

Provide cloud and on premises IT Project Management services supporting agency networks at all classification levels
across the enterprise supporting cyber security, development and data center management. Various across several contracts:


• Customer/client name: DIA
• Project name/contract number: ESITA II/ TO11

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