How Does the Website Design Process Go?

Humulo wants our clients to be partners in the process. Your website needs to be specific to your goals. That is achieved through a set of calls to give you a collaborative voice at each step.

7 Step Development

Step One: Initial Interview

Speak with our Creative Director to help us learn your business identity, goal, and what types of contracts you are targeting.

Step Two: Wireframe Strategy

Screenshare with our Creative Director to review a wireframe or blueprint of your home page. The wireframe is based on what we've found during our initial call. The screenshare is live, so if you have an opinion to make a change, we can do so during the screenshare. You'll then receive a PDF copy of the wireframe to digest and share with partners. Once we have approval, we move on to design.

Step Three: Sharing Photos, Logos, Videos, and Text

Upload your logos, videos, photos, and text content to our shared drive. The better quality your photos and videos, the more dynamic and unique the site will be.

Step Four: Home Page Design Review

Our creative director walks through the home page top to bottom giving you details about the design. You can then digest the design on your own time to reply with edits.

Step Five: Content Population

Humulo lays out the remainder of the pages on your website including company bios, landing pages, and any additional resources purchased like Search Engine Content.

Step Six: Testing And Quality Assurance

Humulo reviews the site for any last adjustments before going live. We test functionality, mobile response, content proofing, and links.

Step Seven: Site Launch And Support

Showtime! The new website design goes live. Humulo is available to the client for ongoing support, strategy, and development to keep their living site vibrant and accurate to their customers' needs.

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