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VR Training Questions

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You must already be a subscriber of Humulo's VR training, so sign up first! Submit the dates you need the training for, we rent by the week typically. You need a valid credit card and there is a security deposit per headset. We mail each headset individually to the person who needs it (or to the company location if desired). Take the training, place the headset in the return mailer, drop with the nearest shipping location. Done.
Of course. Staff thoroughly cleanse all headsets, controllers and cases with antibacterial disinfectant and test each headset individually between each rental.
This Can vary. For businesses and groups co-located you can expect for upt to 10 people per 8 hour day to be able to use the training. However, if you want to save time, more are needed to train the group at once.
Shipping is included in your rental price, we need time to turnover headsets and ship back out. Therefore, rentals generally can only start 10 days later than the reservation.
It depends on how many people need the training and if you need a custom solution or not. We also have rental systems in place to further save costs.

IT Consulting Questions

Public sector: primarily DoD, Intelligence Community and Health.

Yes! We are a current contract holder of GSA MAS with multiple SINs:
518210C Related IT Professional Services
Information Technology IT Solutions
541511 Web Based Marketing Professional Services Marketing and Public
54151S Information Technology In Services

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