Virtual Reality Training for business

Virtual Reality Training for Business


Studies show learning through virtual experience increases the quality of learning, and retention by 75-90% over traditional learning methods. Engineers, safety technicians, and medical professionals can learn through practical experience. Experiential learning has long been argued as the most effective way to learn.

What Vocational Skills translate well to VR Training? It's about changing BEHAVIORS!

Sounds cool, but tell me about pricing!

  • Critical Incident or Specific Skill involved
  • Expensive or complex to model
  • Involves interactions with people or the environment
  • Recorded learning progress, certification/reporting need (e.g. for Regulatory audit requirements)
  • Humulo develops custom Virtual Training software from the ground up
  • Our custom developed Tunay Training provides educational services for personnel on how to use equipment (and more!)
  • How Tunay Training can be adapted for rapid response in clinical applications


Humulo is an Oculus Independent Software Vendor (ISV)


  1. Safe to fail experiences
  2. Short feedback cycles
  3. Mimic real world
  4. Low barriers to instructor integration
  5. Scaled to learning environment
  6. Variety of scenarios
  7. Ease of creation and sharing

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